Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Grand Day Out with A. Manzoni & Fils

Like every year, this year I had a small "field trip" to somewhere I'd never been before -

So I met up with the man behind the re-birth of A. Manzoni & Fils, Oliver Ike for a morning coffee.
I had never been to Lugano before, and after a long flight and a long train ride from Zurich, I arrived at the train station in Lugano after dark with no real idea of how to get to the hotel!  And to further add to the intrigue, everything was in Italian.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Contograf

This is from the folks at Eberhard.
Courtesy of Eberhard
42 mm stainless steel.  Bi-compax chronograph. Water resistant to 50 meters

Negoro Timepiece

This is the latest from Martin Pauli at Angular Momentum
Courtesy of Angular Momentum/Manu Propria
Here is the scoop straight from Martin -

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A New Take on a Classic

I have come to accept a few things about myself:

1.  I have a terrible poker face, I can't really hide my facial reactions.
2.  Although we may NEVER win a national championship, I still believe that Oregon some day WILL win a national championship.
3.  No matter how long I have lived elsewhere, I am still a Northern Youth.
4.  I am absolutely biased in favor of almost everything that Girard-Perregaux makes - it is fortunate that blogging doesn't make me any real "bank" because I know where most of the money would end up ; )
Courtesy of Girard-Perregaux
This is Girard-Perregaux's latest take on their Iconic Sea Hawk.

Win a Frederique Constant Watch!

Well, that got your attention ; )

The nice folks at Frederique Constant have generously agreed to donate something towards the Tempus Fugit Initiative to fund the International Anti-Poaching Foundation!

From now through the end of June, if you pledge at least $50 to the IAPF, your name will be entered to win a Frederique Constant watch!

How does it work?  Well it couldn't be simpler:

1.  Go to the side banner ad for the International Anti Poaching Foundation on the right side of this site.
or simply click here:  IAPF
2.  Click the ad, and it will take you to the IAPF's main site
3.  Click on the DONATE button
4.  In the notes section be sure to write "TEMPUS FUGIT INITIATIVE"

On July 2nd (Canada Day) the winner will be selected through a random drawing.

So stop sitting on the sidelines and waiting for the watch companies to do all of the "heavy lifting"!  Join the Tempus Fugit Initiative now!

And just so you know, we have other prizes for individual donors to be announced in the coming days, stay tuned!